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Renewable Energy Solutions for  21st Century Challenges.

Solar panels commercial rooftop

With the right partner, great things can happen.

Equinox Renewable Energy, LLC develops, designs, and builds solar and energy storage projects for the commercial and industrial markets.

From small businesses to large corporations, including nonprofits such as education, healthcare, and public facilities, we partner to achieve their sustainability goals while reducing operational costs.


Get to Know Us

We are a deep-rooted South Jersey company firmly involved in the development of our community and its environment.

Our licensed professional engineers and certified energy practitioners have advanced the development of commercial and industrial energy infrastructure with more than 9,000 solar, storage, and microgrid projects designed and executed.

We work with the best technology to develop state-of-the-art projects.

What We Offer

We design, build and deliver fully permitted and commissioned projects.

We will help you secure and maximize value for your project through Federal and State rebates and incentives.


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